Wilo’s Pizza

The Backstory: A funky new pizza shop was about to launch in the heart of Richmond. To make it happen, they would need a complete rewire and mains upgrade.

The Task: This project included the wiring and installation of many custom pieces, including pizza preparation and cooking equipment such as dough mixers, dough rollers, and ovens (both electric and gas), as well as a cool room, full security system with CCTVs and a speaker system.

The Approach: Developing a functional space for a pizza parlor is no small job. Like any major electrical project, there was bound to be a surprise or two. In this case, we first had to upgrade the mains wiring to ensure that Wilo’s Pizza could function at full operational capacity, as intended. We also had to assess design solutions best used the space, as well as taking careful consideration of how the layout, and particularly food production, would abide by food safety and processing requirements.

The Result: A delicious new pizza hotspot to add to the local scene



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