Switchboards play an essential role in every electrical system, distributing power to different areas of a home or business. Replacements are recommended every two years, particularly as neglected switchboards can cause hazards such as electrical fires and shocks.

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What do switchboards do?

Essentially, the role of a switchboard is to distribute power throughout a building by diverting it to different circuits. They also protect against a range of electrical issues with circuit breakers or fuses for each circuit.

What components should a modern switchboard have?

Modern switchboards include several components designed for safety purposes. For example, circuit breakers trip to prevent cables from overheating and starting fires, while safety switches and RCBOs act as essential barriers to electric shock. The system also includes surge protectors and arc fault protection devices.

What are the most common signs that your switchboard needs repair?

There are several common signs of a faulty switchboard that require immediate attention from a professional electrician. If you have noticed your lights flickering, your appliances tripping the circuit and cutting out, or your switchboard emitting sparks or burning smells, it’s time to contact a trusted electrical team and get any concerning activity under control. With many years of industry experience, the team at Byrd Electrical are well equipped to safely and efficiently handle a wide range of electrical concerns.

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