Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

Working smoke alarms save lives by alerting you of the danger in time. They are essential and mandatory in all residential buildings in Sandringham, Victoria.

Types Of Smoke Alarms

There are two main types of smoke alarms that are compliant with the Australian Standard AS 3786, which are acceptable in Sandringham, Victoria:

Ionisation chamber smoke alarms:

These have been around the longest and are the most common in Victoria. They are efficient in detecting smoke particles caused by fast-burning fires but less effective in detecting slow-burning fires.

Photoelectronic smoke alarms:

This technology is newer. The light sensor detects smoke from slow-burning fires, which is how most house fires start. The CFA recommends photoelectronic alarms.

Smoke Alarms Can Be Powered in Several Ways:

9V battery-powered:

These are not connected to any wires and can be installed by the homeowner anywhere. If the battery dies, there is no backup power, so ensure to change the battery annually. Only acceptable in homes built before 1st August 1997.


Smoke alarms that connect to the 240V mains power and must be installed by a certified electrician. They also use a battery as backup in case the power goes out. Homes built after 1st August 1997 must have hard-wired smoke alarms.

Wireless smoke alarms powered by a 10-year lithium battery:

These have the added convenience of long life without the annual change of battery.

CFA Recommendations:

  • It is recommended you install smoke alarms in every bedroom.
  • Smoke alarms should be interconnected. When one alarm detects a fire, all other alarms should activate.

Why Choose a Professional To Install Your Smoke Alarm

A licensed electrician must install hard-wired smoke alarms in compliance with regulations. They are also experts in properly interconnecting all of the alarms, so you will have an effective warning system. In addition, a licensed electrician can conduct an electrical safety inspection to make sure that your home is safe.

Advantages of Having a Working Smoke Alarm

Statistics show that most home fires in Australia start during the hours when people are asleep. A working smoke alarm will detect a fire before a sleeping person awakes. The network of alarms will ensure your household is warned early enough to get everyone to safety.

Why Use Byrd Electrical For Your Smoke Alarm Installation

Byrd Electrical’s primary focus is to provide clients with unbeatable customer service and quality of workmanship. Proper installation of your smoke alarms is vital to your household’s safety, something we take very seriously. We will tailor the alarm system to your needs while complying with the regulations.

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