Electrical Renovations and Installations

Electrical Renovations and Installations

Renovations can be rough on your wallet, and you might consider some DIY work to save on costs. This can be a good idea, but always remember that safety and following the legal requirements should be a priority. You can easily do some jobs yourself, but electrical work should be left to the professionals.

What Type of Work is Covered by Electrical Renovations Or Installations?

A commercial electrician carries out various jobs:

  • Lighting
    A professional should install lighting on your property, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Power Points
    Attempting to install this yourself could result in an electric shock if you don’t know what you are doing. Rather contact an expert.
  • Switches
    You need an electrician to install proper switches and ensure that they are working as required.
  • Fire Safety
    A professional knows all the fire safety standards in Australia, ensuring your fire safety measures are in place.
  • Communications
    A home automation system installed by an experienced professional falls into this category.
  • Ventilation
    A certified electrician can give advice on where a ventilation system should be installed in a house, and ensure that the correct requirements are followed.

The Importance of Using a Professional When Having Electrical Renovations Or Installations Done On Your Property


The most important reason for using a professional is that it is safer. Doing the job yourself could pose risks such as getting an electric shock. For certain work, it can be illegal to do it yourself.


A certified electrician has the tools needed to do the job right. This prevents you from having to do the same job more than once and will save you time and frustration. Additionally, using the wrong tools could damage electrical appliances.


A professional has the correct training and experience to carry out electrical work without incident.

Legal Requirements/Standards

Also referred to as the Wiring Rules, these are the technical rules that help electricians design, build, and verify electrical installations. They provide technical and specialised guidance to the electrician but also help to ensure the broader community is kept safe.

Other Services Provided by Byrd Electrical

  • Appliance Test and Tagging
  • Smoke Alarms/Detectors
  • Down Lights
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Switchboard

Why Choose Byrd Electrical for Electrical Installations/Renovations?

If you live in Victoria, Australia, Byrd Electrical offers solutions for your residential and commercial electrical issues. Our service is customised to suit your needs.

Since we have a small team, clients get personalised service which guarantees customer satisfaction.

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