Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is a trained and certified professional who primarily focuses on installing, inspecting, testing, maintaining, and repairing electrical and communication systems in commercial and public outlets such as retail stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

What Work Does a Commercial Electrician Do?

A commercial electrician carries out various jobs:

  • Installs wiring and other components (according to Australian standards) that control power in a commercial property
  • Installs lighting products and associated components in commercial buildings
  • Installs HVAC systems in commercial buildings
  • Testing, repair, and servicing of the products and components mentioned above

Why You Need to Find the Right
Commercial Electrician

For starters, you need a professional who has the required skill set to safely and adequately install and maintain the electrical systems in your workplace for the safety of everyone using the building.

The law also requires that all commercial property owners adhere to Australia’s latest electrical installation and maintenance standards. A trained and certified electrician should carry out this work.

A good electrician will save you money, time and frustration by ensuring they handle any electrical project assigned to them correctly the first time.

Types of Electricians


Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians focus on installing, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing electrical cables, components, and other products that rely on electrical power, such as HVAC systems in commercial buildings and public outlets.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians are highly trained professionals who focus on installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems, electrical products, data systems, and other communication systems used in large industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, production plants, and power plants.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians are trained professionals who oversee the installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical systems and associated components and products that use electrical power in residential buildings.

CFA Recommendations:

  • They should be trained, licensed, and certified to carry out commercial electrical work
  • They should be experienced
  • They should be able to provide a work portfolio
  • They should be accredited by at least one professional body in their industry
  • They should have flexible working hours
  • They should have strong connections with other industry professionals such as product suppliers
  • They should have an online presence that boasts of great reviews from happy and satisfied past clients

Why Choose Byrd Electrical for Your Commercial Electrical Needs?

Apart from adopting all the above values, Byrd Electrical has a proven record of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. You can know that you are making the right choice by letting us handle the upcoming electrical project on your commercial property.

Other Electrical Services We Offer

At Byrd Electrical, we believe in ensuring that all electrical components in your commercial building are correctly installed and maintained for maximum safety and comfort. We also install, test and maintain the following electrical components/products:

  • Power points
  • Switchboards
  • Exit/Emergency lights
  • Smoke detectors and alarms

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