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Byrd Electrical offer all types of electrical work for both commercial and residential requirements, employing the latest modern electrical technology with a premium service customised to suit your individual needs.

Power points

When was the last time you had your power points tested? Keeping the sockets in good condition is essential to ensuring a safe supply of electricity to your home, and it’s a job you should only entrust to an experienced professional. With regular services, you can stop trouble before it starts.

Home Automation systems

Designed to make life easier and more convenient, home automation systems are the ultimate addition to any modern home. From monitoring and controlling the climate to operating your home security and entertainment systems, these systems make your home work harder for you.

Down lights

The right lighting solution can really make a room feel complete, and the simple elegance of down lights makes them the ideal addition to almost any interior or exterior space. Within our selection of modern down lights, there’s something to suit every home and budget.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights make an ideal centre piece, setting the mood and adding a decorative touch to any room. A classic, refined style, they have been a popular feature in designer kitchens and catalogues, and remain a design choice with longevity.


Switchboards play an essential role in every electrical system, distributing power to different areas of a home or business. Replacements are recommended every two years, particularly as neglected switchboards can cause hazards such as electrical fires and shocks. To arrange a switchboard assessment or replacement, book a consultation with our team today.

Exit and emergency light testing

In a commercial or industrial setting, maintaining your exit and emergency lights is more than a safety consideration – it’s also a legal requirement, and if your business is caught in the dark, there could be potentially serious ramifications. Booking semi-regular check-ups is the best way to protect yourself and your team.

Fault diagnosis

Have you noticed something unusual about your electrical appliances? Sparking, buzzing, dimming or flickering lights, blown fuses and hot outlets or switch plates are all indicators of a potentially serious electrical issue. Whether you have an urgent problem or just need a check-up for your peace of mind, we can diagnose and repair any faults in your system.

Appliance test and tagging

The equipment that’s most important to your business generally gets used the most, and this heavy usage increases the risk of damage. Regularly testing and tagging your appliances is the key to minimising the risk of electrical faults and resulting hazards, and keeping your essential tools in good condition.

Globe replacements

Have your light globes been blowing more frequently than usual? We can help you keep the lights on in your home or business, selecting the right globe – shape, size and wattage – for every socket. For a long-term solution, we can also test your system for common causes of blown globes, such as overvoltage.

TV outlets

While they are generally found in the living area or master bedroom, you may want to install TV outlets in other rooms of your home – and we have all the tools to make it happen. Whether you need an existing outlet investigated for faults or a new one installed, our team can provide a long-term solution.


There are several potential causes for an interrupted TV signal, from the cords and cables to the age of the TV itself, and a simple visual inspection may confirm that the antenna is not the cause of the problem. However, if your antenna looks worn out, bent, twisted or corroded, it may be time to invest in a repair or replacement.

Smoke Alarms/Detectors

Like emergency signage, operational smoke detectors and alarms are a legal requirement in all homes and businesses, and regular testing is essential to ensure compliance. If it’s been a while since you had your smoke alarms checked, or if they’re due for a replacement, our team can get the job done right.



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