House of Biskota

The Backstory: A well-loved and acclaimed bakery, House of Biskota, had scouted a new location that would better suit their growing business. Now came the task of converting into a space that would be functional and safe for a bakery to perform its daily functions.

The Task: As far as electrical wiring is concerned, industrial kitchens require extra attention due to their unique amenities. There are many functional aspects to be considered, especially when it comes to safety regulations.

This particular project called for a three-phase installation, including two industrial, electrical ovens drawing (over 70amps each),single and three phase hanging pendant outlets, recessed food grade fluorescent lighting, exit and emergency lighting, a cool room, and a grease trap with pump and overflow alarm.
Because this installation required additional power, we had to get creative with our resources. After developing a liaison with the supply authority, they agreed to upgrade the transformer located in the street in order to accommodate our supply upgrade for the bakery. It was truly a collaborative effort, and well worth the extra steps needed to bring it to life.

The Approach: Since the focus of this space was to create the best environment for the entire baking process, an optimal layout for the electrical outlets was critical. After all, it would determine where and how all of the biscuit cooking, processing and decorating equipment would be placed, and thus how bakers would work day in and day out. In that sense, this was also an important collaborative process with the space planner.
Lighting was also particularly important due to the strict requirements for all food preparation areas. We collaborated with our lighting suppliers to ensure that adequate light levels were achieved throughout the factory. For our part, proper voltage to the appropriate outlets was another important consideration in terms of daily operation logistics.

The Result: A fully-functional baking room with the ample space and attention to production needed.



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