Blackrock Beauty

The Backstory: These homeowners decided to do this stunning renovation and extension in order to add a sense of nuance and luxury to their already vibrant, impressive home. This project would require the utmost care, especially in regards to lighting design, which are a key component to achieve their dream.

The Task: This project called for a complete lighting installation, including LED lighting throughout the home, with a focus on illuminating the natural limestone walls to enhance their natural beauty.

Heated towel rails were installed in the main bathroom and en suite, along with recessed ironing stations installed into the laundry and walk-in wardrobe. These luxury additions added detail and a sense of warmth and accessibility to the space.

Outside, upgrades including a new ceiling fan, LED downlights and an electric heat bank were installed to the deck area to enhance the mood in this perfect entertaining space.

Clipsal slimline power points and light switches were chosen to keep the sleek feel of the house running through to the electrical installation. USB Power points were fitted above the desk in the study to ensure adequate charging of tablets and mobile phones

Audio-visual and data distribution equipment were concealed in a cupboard for the best visual experience.
This project was all about subtleties, so we took extreme care to attend to the specifications and preferences of the client, both in terms of both functionality and design.

The Approach: Given the amount of space there was to work with, one of our challenges was to create consistent lighting throughout while still maintaining a homey, inviting feel. We begin with a complete rewire to ensure the home would function exactly as intended, and then began adding details room by room. From lighting to audio elements, to convenience additions like the USB power points, every element was meant to add a sense of ease, comfort, and enjoyment in the home.



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