About Us

About Us

Ben Weston, an industry technician since 2007, began Byrd Electrical in 2012 after recognising the need for a stronger focus on customers and their individual ideas and desires.

After observing industry giants at work and noticing their failure to really communicate with customers and look after the finer details, Byrd Electrical was formed with the purpose of delivering a premium service that would more than meet our customer’s expectations.

Our work is not about the fastest job for the cheapest price, but rather the highest quality service for a competitive price. Being a smaller and more concentrated business, we have the added edge of customers being able to deal directly with the decision-maker, resulting in a more personalised service with an unbeatable attitude. For our customers, this means faster answers to your questions, more attention to detail, and forming a valuable relationship with professionals.

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and most advanced technology to add to our portfolio, and take our time selecting high quality products that are reliable and suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss our range of products and services.





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Reliable and Courteous

We’re proud to provide our customers with clean, punctual services and demonstrate the value we place on your time and financial investment.

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Responsive in all Inquiries

Got a burning question? We’re only too happy to provide quick and comprehensive responses to any and all electrical queries.

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Looking for a cost-effective service? At Byrd Electrical, we reward customer loyalty with top-quality service at extra affordable prices.