The Backstory:The client had some amazing ideas for an incredible working space and a high-end office fit-out that was set to take place in the heart of Melbourne. When we were approached by this client, we were excited to hear about some of their initial ideas and the immense level of quality and detail that was required.

The Task:A complete fit-out of a high-end workspace in Melbourne. This including a bespoke color changing lighting solution, automated office blinds that provided a flexible solution depending on the time of day and brightness of the light. As an added challenge, the lighting system needed to be able to seamlessly connect with the security system. Aside from this, because the client wanted to create a truly flexible and open-plan workspace, lots of the usual data cabling needed to be placed out of sight, especially with the placement of sit-stand workstations.

The Approach:This project was something a little bit special; as such, we liaised with international lighting suppliers in order to source the highest quality solution to meet the precise needs of the client. We used a Phillips Dynalite lighting control system that delivered an easy, yet flexible way to stay in control of all the different lighting requirements throughout. Due to the demand for electronic sit-stand desks, careful consideration was given to the cabling contribution to ensure that the city views out across Melbourne were not interrupted.

All the cabling that would typically be hidden was exposed through the mesh-type ceiling tiles which allowed the glow from color-changing lights to be seen. As such, we needed to fit the cables in a more aesthetically pleasing way than normal. Fully automated blinds helped to shade the office from any harsh or awkwardly placed sunlight.

The Result:An impressive, modern, yet highly-functional lighting system throughout. The flexible open-plan workspace was completely supported by high-end data cabling that was safely out-of-sight. Structural beams were utilized to conceal the cabling and mount outlets, and a completely transparent cable management solution ensured the client had the style of office they wanted.

Due to the connectivity between the security systems and the lighting system, the first and last person to leave the office would automatically activate and deactivate the lighting system; this provided an exceptionally cost and energy efficient control solution.



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